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Get to know Beach Haven

This is a North Shore suburb where that ‘small town feel’ is alive and thriving, even if it’s located in the metropolis of Auckland.

Beach Haven is about community and family and an ‘ultra-chill’ lifestyle that is encapsulated by its water-side locale, nestled on the harbour’s edge between Glenfield and Birkdale.

If you haven’t already heard, Beach Haven is one of Auckland city’s last remaining outposts where property prices remain relatively affordable. To add to this, the suburb also features its very own ferry service, delivering commuters to the heart of the city with ease.

To be fair, Beach Haven has experienced a considerable ‘glow up’ in recent years – replacing its stigma with the title of ‘one to watch’ by Metro Magazine. Today, this suburb is packed with first-time homeowners, young families and retirees alike, while properties are considered under-priced when compared to Beach Haven’s lofty neighbours.

If living by the water with your own private jetty sounds far-fetched for Auckland, Beach Haven could have you thinking twice.

A History of Beach Haven

Before any sign of European settlement, Beach Haven barely featured from the deck of a boat. Covered by thick indigenous bush, ferns, crimson coloured Pohutukawa and giant kauri trees, this area was incredibly secluded and largely dominated by Māori tribes.

Local Māori tribes were soon decimated by the guns of Hongi Hika and in 1844, the land was sold to the government and became a deserted space. However, it did not remain this way for long.

Establishments of orchards

One of the first settlers in the area established the region’s very first orchard near Soldier Bay. And it was quickly discovered that the land of Beach Haven was perfect for fruit growing. As the land was cleared of kauri trees, orchards of grapes and strawberries littered the region. 

With its rich soil and abundance of land, Beach Haven also became a successful exporter of fruit and vegetables to the heart of the city, just across the bay. The region was also home to a number of working sawmills, due to its dense tree population. Evidence of this could be seen for decades with mounds of sawdust and abandoned machinery scattered around Beach Haven.

Summer resort town

Throughout the 1860s – 1880s, Beach Haven grew in popularity for its splendidly untouched coastline where city dwellers would escape for excursions and holidays. It soon grew into a popular summer resort town, evidence of which can still be seen today in many of the remaining bach properties.

As the 1920s approached, the Birkdale Land Company surveyed the land and established the wharf that still stands today. In 1923, the wharf area was known as Beach Haven Estate or the Gem of the Waitematā. Skip forward to the construction of the Harbour Bridge in 1959 and urban transformation of Beach Haven was in full swing.

Charcoal Bay Beach Haven – It’s dubbed one of the most beautiful hidden treasures along the inner Waitematā Harbour and can be accessed via a path which drops down from Rosecamp Road through a track of native bush.

Local Architecture

With its face to the west, Beach Haven’s year-round holiday feel is only compounded by expansive views overlooking the Waitematā Harbour and its spectacular sunsets, which glint off the still waters of the bay, almost as an ode to this quaint suburb’s name.

Beach Haven is home to an assortment of architectural styles, ranging from coastal bach properties to the quirkier designs of Ian Burrows which impart a more edgy, modern feel throughout the suburb. The natural topography of Beach Haven slopes down towards the village centre and the water’s edge. So naturally, most west-facing homes in the area boast views across the harbour.

In recent years, waterfront bach properties have been replaced with architecturally designed homes, featuring their own private jetties. Island Bay Road and Aeroview Drive are two notable streets which offer a diverse range of modern properties worth consideration. Closer to the centre of Beach Haven and at the border of Birkdale, you’ll find a large number of state-developed housing which is now privately owned by first-time homeowners.